Step 1: Water

The first thing you need to do is add water to your bong. It’s important to get the proper water level so that all the percs function correctly and you do not get any water in your mouth when inhaling. A general rule of thumb is to fill the bong just above the main perc or downstem. If you add to much water you may get water in your mouth and if you add too little your piece will not work correctly. To ensure you have the correct water level you can pull from your bong before adding any dry herbs to make sure all the percolators are working and no water is getting near your mouth.

Step 2: Herbs

Now it’s time to add your dry herbs into your bongs bowl piece. To prevent your bowl from getting clogged and to ensure you get the most from your herbs we recommend using a grinder to grind up your herbs into small even pieces. It’s important not to over pack the bowl or you won’t get the proper airflow required to burn all your herbs evenly. Bongs pack a big punch so if you’re a first-time smoker it’s best to start with a little bit of herbs and you can always smoke more!

Step 3: Light Up

You’re all ready to smoke! Now grab your lighter or hemp wick and light your bowl of dry herbs while pulling from your mouthpiece and watch your bong fill up with smoke. Once the bong is filled with smoke remove the bowl piece to inhale all the remaining smoke. If one bowl pack is not enough for you, its time to back another bowl and repeat!

Bongs are the most popular way of smoking dry herbs and for good reason. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs that will fit anyone’s style or budget. Bongs also allow you to conserve your dry herbs while getting the most out of them. It is important to keep your bong clean along with your bowl piece or downstem to ensure they work at optimal performance and you get a clean flavorful smoking experience. To find the perfect bong for you head over to our bong section to browse the largest selection of bongs for sale online.